Basar and how to get there !

Basar is geographically located in the center of Arunachal Pradesh with coordinates of N27 ° 58.180´ and E094° 41.481´ (at Upper colony). It is administratively a sub-divisional head quarter falling under West Siang District, headed by an Additional Deputy Commissioner. The indigenous tribe of the place is Galo, one of the 26 major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

Climate: Sub-Tropical.

Temperature: Average annual minimum 15.6 (with daily minimum recorded at 1.2 on 9-12-2013) and Average annual maximum 24.2 (with daily maximum recorded at 39.1 on 20-08-2013). The data is on the basis of recording by ICAR, Basar for the period from 1979-2015.

Forest: Evergreen rain forest. Natural vegetation comprises alpine and sub-alpine, temperate (coniferous), semi evergreen and tropical moist deciduous forests.

Rainfall: 2476 mm. Highest rainfall recorded in a day in last 36 years is 213 mm on 28-08-2008.


Soil Type: The texture varies from gravelly loam to gravelly sandy loam, taxonomically classified as Lithic and Typic Udorthents, Entic Haplumbrepts, Dystrict Eutrochrepts, Unbric and typic Dystrochrepts. The soils are strong to moderately acidic in nature, rich in organic matter and generally have low base saturation except some soils in summits and ridges.

How to reach Basar: 

Basar is about 87 kms from Silapathar (Assam), about 3.5 hours by road. You may take a train till Silapathar from Guwahati which will be about 500 Kms away. (Note: All non-residents need an Inner Line Permit to enter Arunachal Pradesh. Foreigners need a Protect Area Permit)

The Closest Airport to Basar is Dibrugarh. You can book a cab from Dibrugarh to Basar or cross the mighty Brahmaputra by Ferry. There are taxis plying from Dibrugarh to Boghibeel Ghat and then to Silapathar. Once you reach Silapathar there are Buses and Taxis Plying to and from Basar.  Other airports nearby are Tezpur and Lakhimpur but connectivity may be erratic

The closest railway station is Silapathar (about 3.5 hours away from Basar). You could catch the daily train from Kamakhya Junction of Guwahati till Silapathar.

An Indian Citizen will require Inner Line Permit to enter Arunachal Pradesh  For Inner Line Pass please visit

A Foreigner must obtain Protected Area Permit from the Government. Please contact our Tour Partner Bacvoyages for PAP

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